Friday, February 26, 2010

My Play About MS

My "tongue in cheek, if you don't laugh you'll cry working title is: Peeing My Pants on the Road to Spiritual Enlightenment. Those of you (even the male MS'ers) will know what I am talking about when I reference an annoying weak bladder.

I guess I will post as I write. This play started out as a journal of my life coping with MS. I was diagnosed in January of 2008 but I had the symptoms for about six years before that.

I have at least 20 pages written and I write as stories develop regarding MS and CCSVI and the Liberation procedure. The play is all true, but it is of course dramatized and it is my take on certain events. I will be doing a fundraising educational play reading with the MS Society hopefully in May. I will keep everyone posted.