Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Today I am going to make a live appearance on daytime Television - Rogers TV in Barrie. I will be talking about MS, my play, and the AFA website which is Angioplasty For All.

Every day November first is on my mind. This is the day of my angioplasty in New York. Lonnie, Ella Grace and I will travel on Oct 31st (Halloween). I will of course pack lots of loot bags for the Grape (Ella's nick name). I imagine we will be stopping at a McDonald's or two where there will be lots of ghosts and goblins. I think this will be an amazing Halloween for her because we will take her mind off of trick or treating with her pals, and instead lavish her with junk food! Thank goodness she is only 4 and a half. She probably won't make the connection.

Gotta fly to the station. I'll write more soon.

Peace & Love,


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sept 21, 2010

Yesterday at about twenty to eleven I was wrapping up my Personal Selling class at Georgian College and I got the call. THE CALL! Beth was calling from Albany New York informing me that I have my angioplasty appointment for November first. Whew! It's all happening now.
So I have a lot to do - contact my doc for him to send medical history stuff, check. Contact Dr. Sandy McDonald so that he can send my Doppler reports, check. Find a teacher to proctor an exam for me, check. Breathe. Hope. Breathe...check. I cannot wait for the next part of this adventure to begin. I picture myself in the Santa Fe, Lon at the wheel, Elle in the back headphones on and listening to a new DVD. I will buy her lots of new stuff so that she can endure this trip. I'll get a loot bag from party packagers and lots of interesting candy to fascinate her.

Side note. My life is very very good. Make no mistake about that. I don't need an angioplasty to be happy. I have no reason to complain. But if this little procedure can give me back some energy, lift the occasional brain fog and help me walk a little further, that would be a bonus in my life. As the man once said "it's not so bad, it couldn't be worse!"

Onwards and upwards people!