Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Today I am going to make a live appearance on daytime Television - Rogers TV in Barrie. I will be talking about MS, my play, and the AFA website which is Angioplasty For All.

Every day November first is on my mind. This is the day of my angioplasty in New York. Lonnie, Ella Grace and I will travel on Oct 31st (Halloween). I will of course pack lots of loot bags for the Grape (Ella's nick name). I imagine we will be stopping at a McDonald's or two where there will be lots of ghosts and goblins. I think this will be an amazing Halloween for her because we will take her mind off of trick or treating with her pals, and instead lavish her with junk food! Thank goodness she is only 4 and a half. She probably won't make the connection.

Gotta fly to the station. I'll write more soon.

Peace & Love,


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