Thursday, November 4, 2010

new legs? not yet

We live in a time of quick fixes, fast food, and I want it now!
My procedure went incredibly well and yet I have not climbed Mount Everest, yet.
I had both juggulars balooned and my Azygous vein in my chest (that did smart a little)Ouch! I said under the influence of Valium.

I spoke with the Dr. Siskin. He said "call me Gary." Incredibly nice docs and nurses. I can't say enough about them. Excellent place to go for angioplasty.

Dr. Mandato and a nurse Practitioner (Chris) did the procedure. They were awesome. Today I woke up and did not feel like I had been hit by a truck and that's a good thing. Baby steps. That's what it is all about . And hope.