Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sept 21, 2010

Yesterday at about twenty to eleven I was wrapping up my Personal Selling class at Georgian College and I got the call. THE CALL! Beth was calling from Albany New York informing me that I have my angioplasty appointment for November first. Whew! It's all happening now.
So I have a lot to do - contact my doc for him to send medical history stuff, check. Contact Dr. Sandy McDonald so that he can send my Doppler reports, check. Find a teacher to proctor an exam for me, check. Breathe. Hope. Breathe...check. I cannot wait for the next part of this adventure to begin. I picture myself in the Santa Fe, Lon at the wheel, Elle in the back headphones on and listening to a new DVD. I will buy her lots of new stuff so that she can endure this trip. I'll get a loot bag from party packagers and lots of interesting candy to fascinate her.

Side note. My life is very very good. Make no mistake about that. I don't need an angioplasty to be happy. I have no reason to complain. But if this little procedure can give me back some energy, lift the occasional brain fog and help me walk a little further, that would be a bonus in my life. As the man once said "it's not so bad, it couldn't be worse!"

Onwards and upwards people!


  1. Sheri,

    I didn't know! Thanks for the email. Indeed I've recently heard about angioplasty and wish it to "come to a hospital near you"! Best wishes. I'll look forward to hearing the outcome.
    Keep positive! It would be amazing to see this play! Good on you, Sheri. You have a gift.


  2. It's not so bad it couldn't be worse Bunny!!! Ask Mom. I never can remember who always said that but it was a husband to a wife! The wife being Bunny!!

    Love you Sher! Great blog, tough content!

    Mary (your sister from the same mother)