Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Imagine a circle of shimmering lights in a blue black sky. The lights are many colours and many strengths and each time one of the lights starts to lose its glow it moves closer to another light and gains power. So all these lights are reliant on each other, feeding off each other. The blue light is very beautiful. The red light is hot. The black light has dark secrets. And so on. Now imagine a group of friends coming together after a long absence and nothing and everything has changed. Their lives are all different and they are all sporting different colours, but still feeding off each other. Here is where my MS journey takes another turn. I hate to give credit to Facebook but I guess in one fell swoop it has changed my life. I was floating in a dark space, alone and lonely. I kept writing but didn’t have anyone to talk to. And then Vince and Paul, Tannis B, Tanis M, Eric, Cathy, Silvia and especially Ric said hello. Will you be my friend? OK. Hello old friends. And they cuddled up to me on Facebook and said we’re going to move a little closer now, your light is fading. And breath came back into my lungs mid-flight. Everything became stronger, including my legs. Proving that we really do need each other and solo-flights are highly over rated.

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